Thoughts Create Reality – The Wise Shower

Originally published January 29, 2009

I’ve gotten into the habit of drawing a face on the steamed-up glass door of my shower each day as I step in for my daily sudsing. The face represents my mood: sometimes it frowns; sometimes it looks confused; more often than not lately it smiles. The shower face serves as a playful little daily reminder: Here I am! This is how I’m feeling right now.

steamy shower door smileyThoughts create reality, and I’ve been thinking quite a few positive thoughts lately, and mostly feeling upbeat as a result. After a lifetime of letting other people’s opinions determine my perception of myself, it feels foreign to be validating my own worth. But here I am, starting to recognize myself.A week or so ago I was feeling down as I stepped into the shower, but I optimistically drew a smiley face despite myself. I thought it might cheer me up. But when I glanced over at the little face I’d drawn I noticed that all the moisture in the shower had caused drops of condensation to run from the eyes. My smiley face now looked like it was crying. At first I felt sorry for myself. How had the shower found me out? But then I had to laugh at how intuitive and wise my shower door seemed to be. The smiley became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Continue reading