Hope for When the World Goes Mad

I googled “world going insane” just now and got over 9,080,000 results. And I’m not the least bit surprised. The world gets hotter by the year, and yet climate deniers insist that global warming is a hoax, or at best not being caused by human activity. Fallout shelter signs that once seemed like retro cold war mementos are taking on new meaning as the United States and North Korea rattle sabers, and states are even beginning to make preparations for a nuclear attack just in case. The President who tweeted that we must “condemn what hates stands for” and that there is “no place for this kind of violence in America” is the same man who also said that the violence in Charlottesville has “many sides” rather than condemning it outright. He’s also the man who has repeatedly encouraged violence at his rallies.

This video brings that rhetoric straight home.

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