About Me

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a writer. I was forming stories inside my head even before I could hold a #2 pencil. I’m convinced writing is the domain of the curious, and my curiosity has always been boundless. I’m especially fascinated with how people live their lives. As a child, I never minded long car rides because I would stare out the windows, peering at the houses we passed, wondering, ‘Who lives there? What are their dreams and their fears? What’s it like to be them?’ When I got home, I would fill notebooks with stories about imaginary people. Now, I’m working on a novel filled with the same.

I’m a mother of two college-age kids—a son and a daughter. Of course, I didn’t just spawn them on my own. I made a family with a man who brought me 20+ years of joy and chaos. We live 2000 miles apart now, but he’s still family, and we’re still friends.

I’m a dog person and I share my life (and occasionally the foot of my bed) with a diabolically clever shiba inu named Toshi. He’s probably smarter than I but he’s careful not to show it. Most cats, sensing my preference for canines, believe I’m the reincarnation of Bast. (Or perhaps Freya, since my ethnic heritage is Norwegian.)

I relax by playing the piano. I play mostly by ear, which means that if I can memorize a tune I can play it. Much to the dog’s chagrin, I also make funny sounds on the tin whistle and recorder.  I sing, and I’m part of a wonderful choir that performs songs of peace and global consciousness. Every rehearsal and concert is a hippie love fest. I like to garden, and know the Latin and common names for many perennials. (I live in an apartment now, so I can’t do much gardening, but I miss the smell of freshly turned soil.) I got a decent DSLR camera a few years ago and became a photomonster. (Some of the images you see here on Write After This are my own.)

I’m an unabashed liberal – a lover, not a fighter. I believe all people should be equal. I support gay marriage. I think we should help the poor. I give money to the homeless when they ask for my help. (If they scam me or use my money for self-destructive purposes, that’s on their conscience, not mine.) I believe in evolution and that global warming is a thing we should actually do something about. I recycle. And finally, I’m an atheist, but not the Richard Dawkins mock-all-religion kind. My philosophy is simple – be kind, don’t judge.

If you’ve stuck around this long, I hope you’ll follow me here on WordPress as well as on Twitter, where you can chat with me and I can chat with you. Onward!


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